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1.5 Gram Sacramento Assayer Hoard Collection

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These are collections of 1.5 grams of natural California gold. Each collection may contain a variety of gold dust, flakes, and small nuggets. No two collections are alike! Each collection comes in a red velvet storage bag. All orders will be shipped with full insurance. Each 1.5 gram collection has been independently authenticated, certified, and hermetically sealed by the Professional Coin Grading Service. Each collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, sealed with the gold. Only a limited number of these collections is available, so buy this unique investment while you can.

Here is some information on the Sacramento Assayer Hoard:
Several years ago two elderly brothers in Sacramento decided to sell a coin collection.  The coin collection was built by their father, who was a strong believer in the value of gold.  This belief was probably due to his career as an assayer in the California gold fields during the early 20th century.  While the father had hundreds of gold coins in his collection, there was also a small box containing dozens of jars filled with gold dust and nuggets.   The miners had paid the father in gold dust and nuggets, in exchange for his assaying services.  This small box ended up containing over 100 ounces of natural gold collected over the decades.