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  • Jumbo Tumbled Septarian Nodule - Dragon Stone - Crystal Healing- 1.25-1.75"


    Each order is for 1 Septarian Nodule from Madagascar. Each stone will come with a small velvet bag. Each piece is approximately 1.25 -1.75" in diameter, but please refer to the second photo for a visual on approximate size.

    These are nice, round tumbled stones! They were hand carved from natural septarian and polished. Due to this being a natural mineral, each will vary in its shape, size, and appearance! Please note these are not perfect spheres, their individual shape will vary.

    Yellow septarian is composed of yellow calcite, limestone, barite, and brown aragonite. This septarian comes from Madagascar, it is an extremely unique yet beautiful mineral!

    Buy direct from GoldNuggetMiner, our stones are packed and handled with care!